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Prof. Dr. Fella MOUSSAOUI - EL.KECHAI, University Alger 2 – Algeria

Influence and presence of the Turkish Language in the Algerian Speaking.

Our present communication is based on the present problem:

?? What is the linguistic impact of the Turkish language in the Algerian language?

?? what are the Turco-Ottoman language borrowings integrated into the Algerian dialect.

To this end, the Regency of Algiers had three Ottoman presence (1515-1830), the cities and countryside were strongly impregnated with Turkish terms that the populations of El Djazair assimilated in their daily talk.

It is important to emphasize the profusion and diversity of the Turkish expressions adopted by the inhabitants of the Regency of Algiers. Indeed, Turkish domestic, economic, administrative, legal and political terms were definitively integrated into the Algerian-Arabo-Berber dialect that all popular fringes speak every day for centuries, since the domination of Algeria by the Ottomans (1515-1830).

These Turkish terms and words contributed greatly to the enrichment and diversification of the Algerian linguistic lexicon; Through this communication we will present several corpuses drawn from the Algerian dialogue (Dardja) as well as from the sources and archives relating to this important period of our history (Acts of the Wakfs and Habous, etc.)

Finally, it is essential to state that today Modern Turkish is taught in Algerian universities as well as in private schools throughout the national territory through the following supports: syntax, vocabulary, literature and history which convey this Turco-Ottoman legacy, which constitutes the bridges of communication between Algeria and Turkey today through strong diplomatic relations embodied in an artistic, cultural and commercial partnership of excellence.


15.11.2017.  (ALİ ŞİR NEVAİ SALONU) . 11.15-11.30